Donna M Waltz
Incandescent Art
Art so hot it burns!

About Me

Incandescent Art showcases the artwork of Donna "Daio" Waltz

Scientist by vocation and artist by avocation.

I work digitally so that my cats can no longer smear canvases or leave their little pawprints over all my artwork.

When I am not working or catering to whims of my cats, I am feeding, watering or otherwise taking care of our equines (3 Arabs, a Friesian, a Percheron, a miniture donkey and a pony) or helping my nephew with his homework.

In the miniscule amount of free time that is left I do art. My art can be seen in the gallery.

At night I dream of unicorns, pegasai, winged cats, centaurs and tiny purple dragons who scribble on walls with purple crayons.
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